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School Handbook:

School handbook information is included in the student agendas. 

To access all of the documents in the handbook, please follow 
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Daily Schedule

9:30                             Classes begin

11:30 - 12:10               Student lunch and Recess

2:10-2:50                     Afternoon recess

3:50                             Dismissal

Student Arrival

There is no supervision on the yard prior to school for students.  Parents are asked not to drop off students at the school before 9:30 a.m. Parents remain responsible for the safety and supervision of their children until that time. 

Early Departures and Late Arrivals

Students who are leaving the school property between 9:30 a.m. and 3:50 p.m. must present a note to the Principal, or School Office Administrators. If parents or guardians wish to take a student from the school, they must report to the school office. For the safety of the children, we cannot allow a child to leave the school without the expressed consent of the parent. When students arrive at school late, they must report to the office.

School Safety

There is a security system on the front door of the school. In order to gain access to the school between 9:30 am and 3:45 pm, please press the buzzer and wait to be admitted.  If you are picking up or dropping off your child, please park in the side parking lot.

 Bus Routines

Students can only travel on one assigned bus.  STEO cannot provide transportation for special events such as birthday parties, sleepovers, a homework project, or to complete community service hours. These requests cannot be permitted for safety reasons.


In order for all students to be successful and benefit from all aspects of the curriculum, it is important that they attend school regularly and punctually. Unless students are ill, or there are special circumstances that prevent attendance in class, everyone is expected to be present and punctual each day.  Students who are absent from class for any reason are expected to make a legitimate effort to quickly complete work and assignments which they have missed. When there is an accumulation of repeated absences the attendance counsellor will become involved with the student and the family.

Use of Telephone by Students

The school phone lines are an essential communication tool. Students who need to use the phone to contact parents will be assisted by the office staff or teachers. However, we request that these calls only be made to resolve unanticipated situations, illness or for other emergency contacts. Students should make any social arrangements outside of the school day.

Medical Information

Medical information is kept on file in the office. Information about allergies and medical conditions should be provided to the office staff so that an appropriate response may be followed in the event of an emergency. Severe medical conditions will also be shared with bus drivers in the interests of safety.  Parents of children requiring regular administration of medication during school hours must sign a consent form and have medical forms completed by a doctor. These forms are available at the office and must be renewed each school year. All medication must be in the original labelled container as provided by the pharmacy. 


Students are encouraged to attend to their personal hygiene however the use of spray deodorants and other aerosol generated scents creates respiratory challenges for many other students and those with sensitivities or allergies. Therefore, these products are not to be used or brought to school.

Electronic Devices

It is recommended that all electronic devices be left at home as the school is not responsible in any way for lost or stolen items. Electronic devices must be kept secured in a manner that they won’t be a distraction to students from their classwork. Many electronic items now contain cameras. Students are not allowed to take photos or make recordings on school property unless directly assigned to a school project by a staff member. Students, staff, parents and other community visitors deserve to have the right to be consulted or refuse permission prior to any recordings. Students are not allowed to use cell phones during class or on the yard at recess.

Emergency Preparedness

(School Closure)

The Director or his designate may decide to close the school in an emergency situation. Information will be passed on through the local radio station. All students who have a contact at home will be sent home after the home has been contacted by phone. The remaining students will be entrusted to their emergency contacts after phone contact has been made. Some staff will be maintained at school, as necessary to provide assistance and communication.

Field / School Trips

Out of school education plays an important role in relating the world of the classroom to the world outside. Students may from time to time be taken on school field trips to augment and extend the curriculum. Field trips support carefully planned learning experiences at school. Every year many parents capably assist teachers with the careful supervision of these excursions and that parental help makes them possible. These excursions are considered a part of the normal school day and everyone is expected to participate. There may be some costs associated with these trips but we will try to keep the cost to a minimum. If financing is a barrier to a child’s participation, parents should contact the school office to determine how we may be able to assist. There will be information and consent forms sent home for parents to sign. It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that forms are taken home, read, signed and returned to school on time. For safety reasons parents may be asked to accompany their children on field trips.


All students require indoor footwear at school in order to change each time they enter and leave the school. This will assist the school custodians in maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the school. 

Inclement Weather

When weather conditions are unpleasant (severe cold, rain, etc.), students will enter the school at 9:30 am, and will be indoors throughout the day, or have shortened outside recesses. Please check the Upper Canada District School Board website for bus cancellations. Announcements are also made on local radio stations. Please note that if buses do not operate in the morning they will not be operating at the end of the school day. 

Cleanliness of the Grounds

Food and drink are not permitted on the yard. There will be ample time for students to finish eating in the designated areas inside the school. 

 Dress Code

The dress code addresses several needs:

  1. The need to uphold a healthy self-image.
  2. The need to show respect for others.
  3. The need for a positive learning environment.
  4. Everyone is expected to dress in a manner that is not offensive, provocative or distracting to others.
  5. Clothing with offensive, suggestive or inappropriate promotional slogans will not be tolerated.
  6. Students are asked to maintain a pair of shoes with non-marking soles for indoor use. Slippers may not be worn unless they have rubber soled due to safety concerns. Flip flops are discouraged for safety reasons & cannot be used for Phys.Ed.
  7. Undergarments must be completely covered by outer clothing at all times.
  8. Shoulder straps must be two fingers wide. No spaghetti straps.
  9. Low hanging pants (showing undergarments); halter tops, backless or tube tops will not be permitted.
  10. Tops must meet bottoms. No bare midriffs.
  11. Shorts or skirts should cover the leg to half way to the knee -including slits.
  12. See-through or mesh garments must not expose skin or underwear.
  13. Hats are not allowed indoors, except on special designated days.
  14. Pyjamas may not be worn to school except on designated spirit days.

This code applies to all persons attending, employed by or visiting the school. The code was developed by the collaboration of parents, students and staff.

Illness or Injury of Students

If students become ill or are injured during the school day parents are contacted if the student is judged to be too ill to remain at school. From time to time, students get bumped or scraped. Staff members who are trained in First Aid are available to attend to the wounded. We are cautious and careful when attending to our students. If your child receives any type of head injury or seems to require more than a band-aid, ice pack, etc., we will endeavour to contact you. To facilitate this we must have a number where we can reach you at all times.


A school newsletter is sent home monthly with the youngest or only child.

Many teachers also send home classroom newsletters on a regular basis. Please reference the calendars included regularly to keep informed of school activities. 

School Council

The School Council is an advisory body of parent volunteers who work together to provide ideas and opinions to support school initiatives and to help the principal and the school board, in making our school the best place for learning. We have a hard working group of dedicated volunteers who would appreciate your help. School Councils have been established in all Ontario schools and are comprised of parents, teaching staff representatives, non-teaching staff representatives, a community representative and the Principal. 


The efforts of parent volunteers are truly appreciated and many opportunities exist for involvement on a regular or occasional basis. Please contact the school to discuss the many ways in which you can help to support our school programs. All volunteers require a “criminal reference check” which we can facilitate through the school.


Progress Reports will be sent home in the middle of November.

A Report Card will be sent home early in February and end of June.  Parents are encouraged to connect with teachers any time they have questions or concerns regarding their child’s progress. 

Damage to School Property

From time to time the school fixtures and/or equipment are damaged by students either intentionally or unintentionally. In all cases of damage, students (and their parents if need be) are expected to pay for the damage incurred. The cost of damage to school property or lost books will be based on replacement costs. 


All students are encouraged to bring healthy nutritious food to school to enhance learning. Your child will need one or two healthy snacks as well as a substantial lunch. We aim to be a litter-less school and therefore all food items should be packed in re-usable containers. Your child will bring home uneaten food items so that you can monitor what they are eating. For the safety of everyone we ask that food items be “nut free” as we have several students with severe nut allergies in the school.

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